Sticks And Stones


For some, Power. For some, Cure for depression. For some, Manipulation. For some, Happiness. For some, Papers. For some, Target. For some, Everything.

I won’t say it means nothing. But it doesn’t mean Everything.

When was the last time you went to the beach and took a long walk. Your bare feet in the water… the wind blowing gently through your hair… maybe holding your beloved’s hand. How much did you pay for it? Nothing if I’m allowed to interfere. How did it make you feel? Priceless…

I’m not full of strawberries, I will not say that you can live just like this but why making money your only purpose. Why forgetting the small, free, full of happiness things?

We are too lost in this race for money. We wake up in the morning thinking how to survive or what to buy, how to get some more money. The world we live in taught us only this: there is a race to survive and there is a race to get on top.

What is the top? Whenever you reach it you’ll want more because human nature is persistent and limitless… There’s no such thing as top. Is the greatest illusion of all.

What about love? Does anybody wake up in the morning thinking how to love more? How to feel more? How to give more?

I’m not a dreamer, I just believe we can have time for both. It will only take a moment to show you love someone. It can be a look, a touch, a smile, a kiss… It will give more than money can buy. Because there’s an emptiness that money can’t fill. The one inside you soul. And we all have one… a soul I mean.

At the end of the day, when you take a shower, when the water is pouring on your naked body, what do you think of? When there are no fancy clothes to cover you, no phone to connect you to the outside, no make up on your face to hide your imperfections… nothing to alter who you really are… what do you think of?

And you go to bed, as you are, genuine, with your hair tied up and a loose t-shirt, freed from all the belts and thoughts of the day… What do you think of?

And then there comes the healing night, the blessing sleep and you break off from everything… What do you dream of? Do you dream?

And when you wake up, face all torn up, hair pointing south, west, east, north in the same time… What do you do first? You fix it… Because you have to go back to what you know best… Making a living…

And then there is this song that I’ve been listening all day 🙂


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