Sri Lankan Adventures

So I decided to go to Sri Lanka a month ago or so. Said and done. I booked the tickets and the hotel (all the arrangements) and Captain enjoyed (but settled the bills). Fair ha!

I am bursting with excitement as the much awaited date is approaching. A day before my birthday. I specially selected the dates to coincide with my birthday. It’s been years maybe since I had a special birthday (or a proper holiday) so what else do I need to escape? Uhuuu.

The last day at work is crazy. Crazy! So many things to do and not only for work. So I am running all day from here to there to leave everything in good order. Finish everything around 2.30 am, sleep until 7.00 am then settle everything else before the trip.

The flight is 13.55. We move around 9.30, we know there will be traffic and we also have to drive to Abu Dhabi. Captain is tired so after we pass the traffic I drive and let him sleep in the passenger seat. He tells me ‘Drive straight and you will see the sign for the airport’. I say to myself  ‘piece of cake’. Let him sleep, I will drive the truck and find the way. It’s around 11.30 and I’m on the way to Abu Dhabi.

I think I’m well known for my ‘head in the clouds’ state of mind. Being known for that (and as a small excuse to myself) I drive all the way to the corniche (this means pretty much crossing entire Abu Dhabi). At some point Captain wakes up, looks around in panic and I can read anger on his face. I can read it soooo clearly.

‘Are you crazy, where’s the airport?’

‘There are no signs’ I say humbly.

‘Pull over! Here!’ he commands fast and furious.

I have to mention that it’s almost 12.30.

He drives quitely to the airport. We reach by 13.00. We run to the check-in and they tell us that we should have been there one hour before. We protest and claim that we must be there 45 min before, not more. The check-in lady is more willing to understand and takes our luggage, gives us the tickets and off we go. Yeey!

Captain wants to kill me, but c’mon we are there, ready to embark, what’s all this drama? I smile sweetly and try to change the subject.

Why it has to be all so messy before something planned? Because is better not to make plans and also for your funny moments archive, I would say :))))

We are finally in the plane and we both sleep like we were running all the way. Which we partially did.


P.S. I made him wear this :))))




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