Sri Lankan Adventures Day 1

We land finally and I can’t wait to escape the formalities and go outside. It’s 20.00 in Colombo. I’m tired but excited.

Finally out. It was raining and the air is so fresh (behind the multitude of people waiting outside the airport). It’s humid and warm and I am instantly in love with the weather! Don’t get too much of this feeling in Dubai.

We find a ride to Unawatuna, the final destination. I thought it will be closer, but what the snack! It’s almost a 4 hours drive!!! Captain sleeps for a while because he can sleep anywhere. Even in the water. Put him in the ocean and he will sleep. I wish I could, also, but I am looking through the dark to see more of this new place and thousands of thoughts cross my mind. How’s the hotel, how’s the room, the bathroom, the pool, the beach, how we will spend our time, how big is an elephant, are there any whales, did I pack everything, etc, etc?

I have a crazy mind, never stops thinking. I can’t rest, I can’t relax, I can’t focus. Snack! Somebody cut my head off! I will enjoy my holiday headless.

After ages (so it seemed) we reach the hotel. No lights. But this is the one… Only a guard. We ask him if we can check-in. A moment of suspense… pam pa bam pa bam pa bam paaaaa baaam pabababam.

Out of nowhere the manager appears (he’s very nice and later we found out he’s been working in Dubai for 10 years), we check in, we reach the room and we settle in. The room is nice and simple with clean bathroom and a big terrace. Couldn’t ask for more. Anyway we’re planning to be out most of the times. At least I plan that :))

I hug Captain and we both sleep until 1pm the second day, Tuesday, 6th of May. The Day! My Day!

We slowly move our corpses to have a late breakfast. We go to a small restaurant right on the beach and we have our food listening to the waves. Can’t believe I’m far away from the concrete city of Dubai, full of skyscrapers and highways. And I’m even farther from home…

We enjoy our food and the view of the ocean with its foamy azure waves, talking and joking. Then we decided to see the city. Galle.

The waiter stops a famous tuk tuk (a small, three-wheeled car, omnipresent in Sri Lanka) and we’re heading to the city.

Everything is so colorful. The small houses, people’s clothes, the trees and the tuk tuks.

We reach the city and we go around. I see a small bar and I drag Captain in. I order a local beer, Lion, 675 ml and to my surprise it’s pretty good! Of course I get tipsy after more than half a liter of beer :)) but the city walk becomes more interesting.

We leave the bar and randomly walk around. I’m dancing in the middle of the street to Captain’s entertainment. Suddenly I see this nice, original looking shop for clothing. Inside you can actually see a team of women manufacturing the clothes. All around there are hand made objects, or antiques. There are nice paintings on the walls and it looks a lot better than any other shop in the biggest malls. Of course I buy something, it’s my birthday. I go for a backless t-shirt, hand sewed, handed in a newspaper bag sewed by the ladies as well. Done with the shopping, I’m not here for it!

We continue our walk and small drops of warm rain start to drop. I don’t know if it’s the beer, the rain, the shirt but I’m happy. I’m careless for some precious moments.

As we walk we are approached by a kind-hearted looking old man. He’s asking us where we come from, how long we’ll stay, what we’ve seen until now. Not much, obviously, so he’s giving us a few tips. We find out that he’s sri lankan, but he teaches astrology  in Calcutta, India. His son lives in Los Angeles and his daughter and rest of the family in Sri Lanka. We want to stop for a tea and we’d like him to join us but he refuses. He needs to go back to his family.

We have our tea talking about him and how nice he’s been to us. We continue our walk through the city, visiting gem factories (they have so many precious stone mines in Sri Lanka, and beautiful gems), small temples and the old Dutch Fort.

We have a lovely dinner at one of the restaurants in the Dutch Fort. I’m tired but I have a silly relaxed smile on my face. Across the street there’s a crepes restaurant so after we finish our dinner we order some crepes for take-away and we head back to the hotel.

Once back I tell Captain “I’ll take the champaign and we’ll go to the beach to have a walk”. He agrees. I put on my hand-made t-shirt and off we go. It’s dark and cool, and the ocean sound restless. I open the champaign, jumping around, have a few sips and take Captain by the paw and lead him along the beach.

As we are walking and talking about the day’s “adventures”, a cold, dead-serious rain starts to pour. Not just pouring but chasing us back to the hotel. First we walked, then we ran, laughing like crazy and shouting at each other, through the moaning of the ocean and the mumbling of the rain, how we never ever had a night like this :))

We reach to the hotel soaking wet, take a shower, go out on the terrace and enjoy our crepes and the rest of the champaign (me).

Epic day 🙂 (don’t have pictures better than these, camera was resting in the hotel room, as it did the rest of the holiday).

not clear just like my head

not clear just like my head


yoga skills


Facade of a temple


viva la vida


now that’s a big buddha


the dance of happiness next to the temple


inside the shop


original decorations


just a house


walking my walk


dance of happiness part 2


my guide (who shamelessly asked for money at the end and even complained at the amount)


who’s this?


I’m sorry i didn’t bring my camera


I am the marked one


all about Gods


ancient wall paintings


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