I don’t believe in much, but I believe in people. And I fear destiny. My biggest fault. Because you should take everything as it is. Don’t let yourself influenced by anything. What is good and what is bad is already inside yourself. You know already how to distinguish them.

Today is Today and Yesterday is so damn far away, that you can only wave a nice farewell. What happened Yesterday is in fact the biggest enemy people have, because too many live there still. Yesterday likes popularity, just like a stripper who is long aged but still wears short disgusting dresses and creepy make up. And there are many to stop by, believing in fast free pleasures. There’s only bitterness in this useless intercourse with Yesterday.

Live Today and worship Tomorrow. Leave those yellow teethed Yesterdays behind. If you love do it Today because Today is bright daylight and if Yesterday means the starless night, light a candle. Live Today more than Tomorrow because plans are just games. Don’t hope for Tomorrow to be a miracle, live it as another Today.

If you love say it Today don’t wait until Tomorrow as tomorrow might just be a promising mistress with no intentions of a happy ending. Don’t fear Today for what will happen Tomorrow. If Today you feel like laughing, laugh until you reach the floor bacause you’ll earn few more years, you’ll prevent few more wrinkles, you’ll outnumber few more tears. There are tears to come as well…

If your mind can’t calm down give her some hay to chew, lie that bitch until you know what to do next. Don’t burn that gas just like that, don’t accelerate in a moment of anger. If your mind screams let your heart scream too. At some point they will either scream or stop together. Keep a balance, find the balance. Don’t ignore neither of them. Every action has a reaction. Your mind and your heart know that.

Give it some time but don’t waste the time. Leave what bothers you to rest for a while and focus on anything else. If in this time you get over what bothered you, move on, if it’s still there go and face it. It’s like that.

If you want to change, change. It’s all in your power. And you are so powerful. If something is worth having, have it, and never listen to other opinions. Others can never understand your reasons, fears, hopes or feelings. Not because they can’t but because they don’t want. Simple as that, they have their own shit to deal with. Don’t expect too much. The more you do, the less you get.

You have a soul, take care of it, it may be immortal but it also deteriorates. Feed it the beauty and the hope of the world, not the rotten dungeons of human behavior. Give chances, love hard, forgive as much as you can, as your faults are also forgiven.

I am dreaming of beautiful moments and beautiful places and beautiful souls. I am dreaming of peace and understanding and love. Don’t be too busy to dream. Dream even if it’s hard. Even if it’s impossible. Love the people around you, love them all as they are teaching and looking over you.

Give chances and hopes and help making them happen. We are never alone and we can’t be alone. Make it worth, every single moment. Fight for it if it’s necessary. Fight for what you believe in even if…

Ok, I should stop drinking. Good night!


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