I remember (my story)

As most of the people I don’t remember the first years of my life :))))) but I remember when I was riding my tricycle and i was smiling with only my two front teeth. I remember the sun passing through the vine leaves greenish and retro… I was running all day around my grandfather’s big yard, full of dust and full of curiosity. Playing with my neighbors, forgetting about food or sleep.

I remember the angel face of my grandmother, her hugs when i was falling and hurting my knees, my face or my hands. I remember my great-grandmother chasing me all over the place so she can feed me. I remember my great-grandfather squeezing my little finger and watching me patiently doing my homework.

He wasn’t much of a talker but he was always smiling at me with his whole face. His eyes especially. He died of a disease i can’t actually remember, but it was destroying one of his legs. He didn’t want to amputate it saying that God made him a whole and he will go back to Him as a whole.

My great-grandmother died before him. I saw her dying but I didn’t realize at that time what’s happening. I remember she looked frightened at one corner of the room mumbling some words and then she took a deep breath and, mouth wide-open, she died.

I was eight or less. I don’t know. Blurred… I remember a lot of people in my grandfather’s house. Relatives, neighbors or people I have never met. I remember walking around them, being ignored and not realizing the morbid event. I remember some women together with my grandmother washing my grandmother’s corpse and I watched until they told me to go away. I still wanted to watch. That childish curiosity.

I remember our dog biting my hand while i was feeding him beetroot. It was an old dog, maybe 15-20 years old, looking wise and humble. Still he bit my hand, proving that his instincts are stronger. I was trying to pull the beetroot out of his mouth though. I remember that I pulled my sleeve and all I wanted to do is to go and hide under my grandmother’s hug. I remember the painful injections in my stomach.

I remember my grandfather willing to play leap frog with me. Imagine a 50 years old man bending just for me to jump over him. And that was fun. We were both laughing and my grandmother was watching us without being fully convinced of what she sees. My grandfather is a very strict and serious man that was never seen being so childish. This is one of my warmest memories especially that nowadays he’s not the man I used to know once… Different chapter.

I remember golden wheat fields and tall green corn. Burning sun.. I was wandering all day either alone or with my brother. My brother… another chapter.

I remember eating strawberries straight from the garden. And apples, pears and cherries. I remember lizards and bugs. I remember caring for injured birds or cats. I remember burying them when they died in small graves. I was bringing them flowers.

I remember summer and winter. I remember when the snow was higher than me, almost reaching the edge of the window. I remember ice flowers on the window. I remember how my cheeks burned when I was entering the house and heat would hit me in the face. I remember the smell of homemade bread. I remember the smell of chamomile tea. The same chamomile I was picking from the fields or from the garden and keep it in the sun or in the attic to dry, and then drink it in the winter.

I remember my mom visiting. I remember autumn. So many leaves and colors and the sky was autumn grey. I remember springand flowers pushing through the snow. And birds chirping. Life coming back after the long winter. THe smell of lilly… So strong!

I remember having 3 small goats and the mom-goat and a reddish cow with straight horns. Happy childhood. Nature all over, green grass, fresh air, freedom..

I remember being the youngest in the neighborhood and when all the kids went to school i begged my grandfather to take me too. I was six years old and the principal of the school said I can join only if I can keep up. And i did. I finished school one year earlier than everybody in my generation. I loved it. I didn’t skip many classes.

I wanted to be a reporter, news anchor or ballerina. I am a certified freelance journalist today but ballet classes were too expensiveand considered quite useless by my family. Piano lessons as well. Basically anything artistic..

I remember childhood games and cartoons, school activities, teachers and colleagues. I still see my principal from the first school I’ve been too. When I have the chance I pass by the school and talk to him and the other teachers. He is a friend and a mentor. A funny, down to earth human being with great love for history and teaching children.

I remember forests and rivers, flowers and bees, birds and trees. I remember…trippy_zalgo_peri_xd_by_8mono

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