A day in my shoes

This is a draft from 9 months ago… Brought it back to life

You should walk one day in my shoes. Mostly high heels. But luv them sneakers too. Oh man, you’d have a long way everyday.

You should feel how it feels inside my head and heart. It will be a rollercoaster. You’ll go to Global Village actually. Lots of lights and games and thrilling adventures.

You’ll suffer an attention deficit disorder at it’s best. You’ll laugh like crazy and think about the deepest mysteries of life. Basically you’ll go from 0 to bonkers in seconds.

You’ll see the colors I see and the people I see. You’ll see my people, colored my way, in my love color. You will see that I never hate, I just make fun of everything. Life is like this for me. Find humor in everything.

You’ll see the alarm snoozing thousands of times. You’ll see a sleepy face in the mirror and toothpaste. And then you’ll hear loud music in the car and my nasty voice ruining song after song. And then you’ll put on the high heels and you’ll bounce your behind to the office.

You’ll get a late arrival deduction sometimes, as you will run desperately to the “punching” machine and you’ll be 1 minute (or more) late.

And you’ll go put some make up in the bathroom. Nothing much. Some eyebrow thingy, a bit of winged eyeliner and mascara. And then you’ll bounce your behind back in the office saying hi to your people and preparing that black sugarless coffee. A, I forgot to tell you that you’ll be the bumblebee :))) the most sparkling personality (for those who know). Confidence level: high af :)))

You’ll work also, you’ll get angry, you’ll go crazy or you’ll have the satisfaction of a job well done (sometimes). You’ll solve last minute issues, things that define me. You’ll feel like you belong.

You’ll finish work and you’ll drive back home, singing again. And you’ll wake up the same crazy bumblebee. 20160505_201932


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