We are all mad in there

Gee man, I wanted to be a TV presenter when I was young. I wanted to play the piano and  dance. And I wanted people to like me. Yeah just like any other teenager.

I wanted to be able to sing and sometimes when I managed a decent note I already imagined myself on a huge stage. My fans are screaming deliriously while they throw flowers and teddy bears at me. Yeah, and my talent, my heavenly voice and goddess moves will bring tears to their eyes.

Yeah, I was still in my room :))

But I still keep these imagination gaps. They’re like the inside of an empty wall. Nobody can see it. I bring some candies and I stay there in my own little rabbit hole for a while. In that hidden gap I am saving people, I am a superhero, a singer (again), occasionally I save animals, I am super-smart, role-model, but most of the time I bring innovation and peace to the world. Everybody claps in awe, overflowing with admiration and wondering where I was all this time.

Yeah, I’m still in my room :))

Narcissistic, I know. I am the goddess of my philanthropic universe. You should see me glowing. Man, I’m something else. Just like you, when you escape in your rabbit hole. We all are the best (or should be), for us. Imagination keeps us sane, keeps us down to earth even though it sound antagonistic.

Most of the time I am saving animals just before a speeding car is about to send them to a better place. At the last moment, with perfect make-up, hair, clothes, high-heels and so on, I just save the poor beast from a tragic destiny. Of course the audience is entirely made of ex-s, crushes, recruiters, Bill Gates, bitches I don’t like, my future husband, Usain Bolt and people from work. It’s time for them to see how I sacrificed myself for a poor soul and to marry / love / hire / make me rich / forgive me / give me a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame / offer me a part in a blockbuster / (but mostly) praise me unceasingly.

Some other times, I just enter or reach a certain place (just me and my perfect self) and for an extremely long second everything and everybody stops and admires me. With other occasions I am plain brave and save people’s lives. Or I am part of the circus, olympic team and so on. The scenarios are infinite. I just have to bring them to life.

What’s your escape from boredom and routine? What do you do in that corner of your mind where you are allowed to escape the ordinary? Can’t be worse than mine. Share ;).

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