Time, fashionably blamable

Time, we need time. Time to sleep, time to go to work, time to reach, time to listen, time to learn, time to forget, time to remember, time to get used to, time to get ready, time to wait time to create, time to speak, time to wake up and many more. We need time for everything.

We blame time. We blame it for passing fast, for getting old, for forgetting, for changing us, for estrangement, for losing, for loving, for getting to know, for meeting and for many more.

We thank time. We thank it for bringing together, for healing, for loving, for moments, for memories, for technology, for progress, for getting to know, for meeting, for happening, for life, for parents, for children, for experience, for knowledge and so on.

We never have time. We don’t have time to sleep enough, to love enough, to care enough, to know enough, to see enough, to understand enough, to help enough, to be brave enough, to open our eyes enough, to do what’s right… 

Time… causing trouble since… forever. It’s either passing too fast or too slow. We enjoy it or we’re tortured by it. Not enough time not enough money and so you wake up one day that in your wacky race with time you lost all that’s important on the way.

That “tomorrow” became the day after tomorrow until one day, old and grey you look back and you see all those empty “tomorrows” like starving ghosts of regret.

Time would be enough if we wouldn’t acknowledge it. The butterfly scientifically shouldn’t fly, but he has no idea about that and so, he does. Against all the odds he does. If we didn’t know time exists we would just enjoy our lives until surprised as hell we’ll vanish.

We wouldn’t know how many years we lived or we wasted (depending on the case). We’ll be able to just say “I did this, and this. And this, I did it twice”. If there’ll be no time we’ll go to school just as much as we need to, until we understand what are we capable of. We’ll go to work and when we’re done with our tasks we’ll just leave or we’ll work forever. We wouldn’t know it’s morning that we need to start working because there will be no schedule, no 9 to 5. 

If we wouldn’t be so constrained by time we would do all those things we don’t do now. We’ll spend that extra moment instead of saying “it’s late, I should go”. We’ll do that (whatever that is) in a natural and correct way as we won’t be minimized by limits, by “now”, by “tomorrow”, by “later”. We would actually have no idea they exist.

Imagine living without the notion of time, of your age, of your “tomorrow”, without looking at the time whenever you do something, without being “late”… Utopia. It will also be chaos, probably. Most likely. People need guidelines and patterns. They need that fence that only a few can jump. They need to be little robots with their tiny suitcases and scheduled meetings.

Time eats us while we’re alive..

It haunts our memories, it makes us run for it, beg for it, pray for it. The search of a Holy Grail. We’re just prisoners even if we are free. Both a prisoner and a free man are waiting for time to pass. It’s so powerless to wait. When the only solution is to wait you can’t do nothing. You’re stripped of any kind of power you might think you have. Agony. Time is despair.

The only cure is that we’re adaptable and obedient.

Time to finish, because, of course I am limited by time and it’s late and tomorrow it’s a long day. I wish I was a butterfly…


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