Shekh ma shieraki anni / Jalan atthirari anni

“True happiness is always a moment – he thought, with her memory still fresh deep down his soul. Man couldn’t bear more, and often, during a long life, doesn’t have the chance to even meet this moment, not even get close to it.”

Liviu Rebreanu, Adam and Eve.

This translation is mine and it’s poor because Romanian words are so descriptive, so full of soul and poetry and it will be practically impossible to  translate it accurately.

Have you ever met your soulmate? Because this is what the book is all about. Do you even believe in them? Is it just a romantic approach to those failed or impossible relationships?

Did you ever feel so connected and attracted to somebody that it’s surreal? You can’t possibly explain it but it blows you away when it happens. Especially when you are a rational and logical person. I am not a rational and logical person, I am profoundly spiritual. I am feelings and emotions, I have no roots.

I used to do a study for my journalism course a while back about soulmates.

I found an excerpt saying this:

“It cannot be denied. Soulmates travel together in numerous lifetimes. In some lifetimes souls are in love with each other, and sometimes they fight and they kill each other. In doing thousands of regressions it has become clear to me that the souls do love each other – at the spiritual level. They enter into various relationships on the Earth to help teach each other and to learn valuable lessons. In the end (whenever that is!), all the lessons are about learning unconditional love.

Not only does the existence of soul mates make sense, but the clever manner in which the soul mate pops up in a lifetime, at the right time for a lesson to be learned is more than amazing! And it’s far more than a coincidence.”

I really don’t know how much of this is true but everything has it’s own understanding and meaning.

I used to believe that you get to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate, but then relationships happened and unfortunately everything had an end. Those who were there with you turned out to be some well made replicas. I guess you can replicate everything in China :))). I know i am the master of bad jokes.

I used to believe that you meet your soul mate and you just do the most beautiful things with them. You wake them up with kisses in the morning and you fall asleep hugging. If you fight, it will be intense, but then everything will be fixed and it will be 10 times better because you know you can’t let them go. You’ll complete your sentences and read your thoughts and when looking into each other’s eyes there will be nothing but peace… and love… and life.

You’ll surprise them every time you can and you’ll give them all you have. You’ll take care of them when they are sick, and be happy for them when they win. You will hold their warm hand and feel like flying. During cold nights you’ll wrap yourself around them and everything will be warm. It will be peace.

If you didn’t imagine soulmates like this then you lie.


Even the definition says it.

We grow up with movies and books that feed us this vision. We aim for this kind of love and often we get heartbroken. Because we higher our expectations and we only want to see the easy part in it. First moment when things don’t work out as we expect we collapse and we feel cursed. And this is valid for everything not only relationships.

All this because we are possessive, because we want to own, to have. We get married and we sign a contract that says we own each other. MY wife, MY husband. We want to own everything around us even though we know nothing is ours. We can’t keep any of the things we fight to have. We will just vanish one day just as naked as we were born. Ok we’ll have some clothes on this time. And a casket. Yeah I think we own a casket in this life.

We have to be aware that a soul connection is also blissful even if our bodies don’t touch. Even if we don’t get to do all those beautiful things together. We have to accept it even if it seems impossible. We can keep our souls warm with that flame.

After all, do you think you can handle that much love? Human nature is built to destroy everything, including each other. Would it be right to ruin it instead of preserving it?

But then, when you meet the real one, when you look at him/her for the first time and you feel that you know them a long time and that they will be a part of your life, what do you do?



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