Blindfold yourself for once

People lose trust and with the loss of trust they start to lose so much more. They become paranoid when it’s not the case and start to think that everybody wants to fool them.

When was the last time you blindly trusted somebody, or destiny? When was the last time you didn’t overthink or miss-interpreted actions/reactions?

We just go on full of fear and in time we regret all the precautions we took. We regret not enjoying more, not giving more, not opening our soul more. And regret is the heaviest burden to carry.

People will think you have hidden interests when you approach them and they’ll ruin everything by just closing themselves in. They think “Oh, there must be something behind this person’s actions. They must be on to something”. And, this is how, many times, you lose people and you lose their genuine intentions. You make them feel guilty when their intentions were purely innocent. You lose the essence of actions and situations and everything becomes so complicated.

Some people are just as you see them. They are like glass, you can see right through them. You just have to know how to recognize them, because they are some of the few original ones.

Sometimes there are no hidden intentions. Sometimes it’s just as it is, enjoy it! There’s nothing worse than to waste your time over-thinking.

Oh, you met people who were un-true. Surprise! We all did! It doesn’t mean we are all the same, it doesn’t mean we are all bad. By default we are good and bad but in different percentage. Take people as they are, don’t make them actors in your theather. Don’t write a script, just flow with it. It’s simple.

I’m writing for myself too, even though I am still a naive animal sometimes. But I try to avoid as much as I can the disgusting feeling of regret. What’s done it’s done, and I lost many times but I like to think about the times I won. I won so many times by being me and if i didn’t win i learned.

There are people who make you feel different, who make you want to change yourself but you never shoul, except if they make you be a better person. Be you, who will like it will like it. Simple! There’s no time or chance to please everybody.

When I was young something happened and I was left with scars on my face for… ever. My grandfather said that who will like me, will like me for who I am. Needless to say that it wasn’t always the case. Through bullying and upercuts to my self-esteem I managed to learn in time that he might be actually right. I erased some of my scars and even though I had the chance to get rid of them forever I never did. A part of me said “Fuck it!” and just moved on.

Fuck it man, I’m more than a face, I am spirit, I am a matrix of contradictions, I am unicorn dust! Whatever i want to be! I have my insecurities but in time I managed to hide them like a pro. But, again, people are the ones who bring my demons back to life. We strive so hard to be accepted, to be the ones others need, neglecting the fact that we might actually fight for a wrong cause.

“The broken ones are the more evolved” – I read this somewhere, I don’t remember where. I learned that there’s no limits to what we can do. I became a dreamer and I realized it’s not a bad thing, I realized that you can’t be anything else but you. I work on my bad parts, but I also accept them. I punished myself a lot and I got punished for more than my sins. I will be punished more, that’s a certainty, but “do not despair” I say to myself.

The last thing you want, is to bring yourself down. Don’t do that, even if you don’t see any escape. The solution is always near.

People will rush to categorize you, to judge rather than spend some time trying to get your point, your essence. It’s easier to rush than to rationalize. Try and understand why people act some type of way instead of rushing to conclusions. Try and see from a different perspective, it will change you.

When did I become such a philosopher? I love to mock myself but I also love to spit out what my soul accumulates. I try to keep no bitterness in my heart and even though my demons are latently waiting for me to burst I manage somehow to keep them there, inert. Small outbursts are my speciality – I talk about the serious ones. We all have our small ones!

I don’t know if I really get people, and there are living proofs that sometimes I have no clue, but I like to think that I know myself. Sometimes I judge, I overreact, I am unfair but I immediately try to correct myself… if I can. I am blind sometimes and I have a short temper but I never mean it or keep a grudge. I have a smart mouth and sometimes it just pukes venom and stupidity but, HEY, I’m only human. (I will defend myself now, I’m just as petty as y’all). But there’s a huge difference to being bad-intentioned.

Now I feel that I’ve reached too far and I contradict myself but I am not talking only about others, I am talking to myself too. I try to preach for myself too.

Anyway, the point is, as I started, that… fuck it! I lost it. Boom, in a few seconds I disconnected. Take my words for good, or don’t… It’s ok, I’ll defend myself again :)))

Ok the point is, take things as they are sometimes. Have fun! You’ll discover some new dimensions to people and they’ll never cease to amaze you! Yey, I’m done! I’m all smiles!


Credit: the mighty Internet


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