That time when you aim to kill

“For instance, if you train a dog to eat potatoes and then afterwards put a piece of meat in front of him, he’ll snap at it, it’s his nature. And if you give a man a little bit of authority he behaves just the same way, he snaps at it too. The things are precisely the same. In himself man is essentially a beast, only he butters it over like a slice of bread with a little decorum.” Erich Maria Remarque, “All quiet on the western front”

People take advantage so easily. That meat is something they never or rarely had and they choke on it, gulping greedily. They are usually mediocre, and potatoes suits them better, it’s closer to their nature.

Most people when they’re given authority act in the most primitive way, forgetting that they “were given” that power, they didn’t rightfully win it. They are usually impotent people feeding themselves with the weakness of others. They abuse this imaginary power and they forget that it is usually fueled by smarter and more decent people.

They are puppets and they will never acknowledge the puppetier in their ignorance. When the strings are cut and the curtains fall, they find themselves where they were in the first place. Darkness.

Blinded by power they never learn. Their world is narrow and they are spoiled to bits, always wanting things their way. Even though sometimes or most of the times they regret not opening their minds, they’ll never admit it.

Power means many things and can be handled in many ways. Most of these ways are simple and logical and yet people choose the dumbest ways. Power is when you lift spirits and make people become better, when you inspire and ignite respect in others.

You have to be quiet around tyrans as they will never acknowledge a good word or action. You have to let them believe they are in charge and when they hit rock bottom never say “I told you so”. It’s a waste of breath. These people will always go down. Is not about losing their power, most of the time is about losing the respect and affection of others. They often find themselves lonely and they’ll always ask why. Oh God, where did I go wrong?

Smile and let them be. Their ways will never change. They need some good old karma to teach them valuable lessons, but surprisingly they never learn. They’re in a loop and they’ll go on forever making the same mistakes.

The more power, the more paranoid they become and they’ll do anything to mantain it. They think, in their smallness that everybody is as conniving as they are, as low as they are. They think everybody wants to steal their power even if it was willingly given. They live in constant fear of being unmasked and cheated. They’re full of terrors.

Power has nothing to do with being a low-life prick, scamming others and squeezing the last drop of their kindness and loyalty. It has nothing to do with forcing your beliefes on them.

Power is when you acknowledge the gift you were given and multiply it. Power is when you give back a lot more even if you didn’t have much to begin with.

True power lives in the respect and positive impact you have on those around you. Help build up, don’t stall or destroy what is meant to be righteous.


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