It’s not a disclaimer, it’s an insight

Most of the times when I write I get carried away. I start from point A and I don’t follow a straight line, I build a net. Sometimes I find a line that I like, that strikes me, in a book or a song or even in my head and I start from there.

I get passionate after that and it might look like I am angry or upset but I am actully in bed writing peacefully. I get passionate about my ideas it’s true, and writing gives voice to them. I mean I just want to express myself. That’s my way.

Sometimes I write about how and what I feel but most of the times I love to write about general stuff, that applies to everybody. Sometimes it’s just something I imagine. Sometimes it’s a mix of a lot of stuff and sometimes I start writing inspired by others.

I used to write when I was younger in a very personal note. I used to write in Romanian and everything was more expressive. I think I wrote for about 3 years or more, on a regular basis. I wrote about people I know and they read it. Some of them had a revelation. Some of them still remember. Some of them disliked the honesty.

Anyway, I think it’s only about the power of letting your ideas flow. It’s a relief. I think a lot and sometimes certain thoughts won’t give me peace until I let them out. Sometimes an idea persists too long to ignore it. It gets stuck in my mind like a parasite.

You should see how many drafts I have saved, and some are more than a year older. Sometimes I am shy to publish them as they can be easily missunderstood. Sometimes they’re too naughty or harsh to be published. Sometimes those posts are about some people and I don’t want them to read it, even though I’m not always sure they’ll realize it’s about them. I go back and read my drafts for myself. Sometimes I am brave and publish them.

After all is my own virtual corner. And anyway confusion occurs no matter what. Sometimes I encrypt message and to be honest I have no idea if they reach where they supposed to.

Mostly I write for 2 reasons. When I overthink and when I find something I like to talk/write about. I write about personal experiences, of course, only because here I can really approach them the way I want to. I exhaust my ideas here.

Most of my great ideas or writing topics are sometimes occuring at times when it’s impossible for me to sit down and write. I try to keep my ideas until I can do so, but sometimes it’s just gone!

I used to write poetry back in the days, but it was way too romantic and could be easily considered cheesy. I wanted to write a book but I’m bad at dialogues and I can’t seem to find a subject to build around. I had a few ideas but they are still there… in Drafts.

Somehow I always come back to my experiences when it comes to write a book. Like a memoir or something. But my life should be discussed after I cease to exist :))

I think from now on I will add a quote that I like at the end of each post even if it’s not connected to what I wrote. I’m a sucker for quotes, that is!

What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (one of my favourites authors of all times).


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